Ethical Massage Tampa  -  Structural Integration, SET, Cranio Sacral, Sports, Deep Tissue

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What type of payment do you accept?

CASH ONLY....from individuals

COMPANY BUSINESS CHECKS....from Corporations/Businesses.

GRATUITIES....are accepted and appreciated! 

 (No Registration fees, No Monthly or Yearly Contract Membership fees required by us.)

All payments are due at the time services are rendered.
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Invigorating Massage which increases energy. 
More fast paced movements are incorporated.

Certified Esalen Massage Therapist
trained by an Esalen Institute Instructor!
What is Esalen Massage?
The original style of Esalen Massage out of Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California takes you on a relaxing journey through your own muscular system. It is meditative, soothing, long, slow, flowing strokes over the body which  releases endorphins (the bodies natural painkillers) and lowers stress giving a nurturing enhanced feeling of calm, wholeness, peace, tranquility, and healing stillness to the mind and body. 

      Certified Esalen Massage Therapist trained by an Esalen Institute Instructor!  

 Esalen or Swedish Style Massages
 60 minutes....$72
   90 minutes....$105

Mobile fees.... $20-$40 depending on miles traveled to your location. See chart below.

Desert Menu
$20 each enhancement

  • Hot Basalt Stone Massage

  • Hot Pink Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

  • Hot Hydroculator Steam Pack Application  

  • Invigorating Peppermint Scalp Treatment

  • Chinese Cupping Treatment

  • Lemon Grass or Peppermint Foot Treatment

  • Cold Stone Marble Face Massage Treatment

Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, 
and/or Lymphatic Drainage, Strain Counter Strain, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Trigger Point Techniques,

60 minutes...$82
90 minutes...$120

Advanced Modalities

What is Structural Integration? Structural Integration is an advanced technique to realign postural distortions of the body as well as relieving acute and chronic pain.

A series or a combination of 11 different sections of the body addressed one session at a time to unwind distortion patterns and relieve acute and chronic pain. You may need 10-15 sessions to reduce chronic issues.
 Similar to Rolfing Sessions in depth of pressure, but includes more cutting edge techniques like
Cranio Structural Therapy which helps to Structurally Integrate and realign body posture and reduce acute and chronic pain more permanent then basic deep tissue massage.
Structural Energetic Therapy 
I was in the first video series as part of the development of the training for other future therapists who would be trained in the SET technique. 
I am extremely well trained, knowledgeable, and
very generous with my time when working with clients. 
It takes time for the body to heal itself in a natural way and SET is less evasive than other options like..... addictive prescription drug therapy and/or surgery. 
It is recommended for you to take sincere dedicated active role and to be patient as your  healing process begins. The rest of the world will still be here after your sessions are over and you will be better able to deal with the world around you. Yes, you  are worth it!

SET (Structural Energetic Therapy) 
All sessions are...90 Minutes
$140 each 

Mobile Stress Buster Chair Massages!

Minimum of Two hours.....
Maximum of Four hours....
                     .....per event....per day. 
         (Payment is due at time services are rendered.) 
$72 Per Hour...
10 minutes each person  
 12 people per 2 hours 
18 people per 3 hours
24 people per 4 hours

   15 minutes each person 
  8 people per 2 hour
12 people per 3 hours
16 people per 4 hours

Also see our customary Mobile Service Travel Rate Chart below.

 Does Ethical Massage have 
Out Call or Mobile Service?
Ethical Massage can travel to Hotels, Homes, or Offices with a Portable Massage Chair or Table 
For your "peace of mind" and to ensure your safety we will have.... (A requirement of the state of Florida)
with our valid State License number on it. 
our Florida state license along with us.

Is there a fee for Ethical Massage 
to travel to me?
Due to the extra travel time, gas, maintenance, as well as set up of the Portable Massage Table or Portable Seated Chair, linens, oil, lotion, music, we feel it's only fair that we are compensated for our extra efforts incurred to travel to your location to off set our expenses.

                         BACK TO BACK 
Invite family members, friends, and neighbors over for massages scheduled BACK TO BACK in one location relaxing and relieving everyone's stress and pain!

How is the Mobile Rate is calculated?  
A small Mobile Fee for one direction only of travel to you from starting from zip code 33611 applies to table and chair massage.

Customary Mobile Service Rate Chart
0-20 miles.............$20 
21-30 miles.............$30 
31-40 miles.............$40 ______________________________________
Due to safety and liability Massage Tables or Portable Chairs will not be transported up or down long fights of stairs.
Small sets of steps and/or elevators are acceptable.

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